Sync Me

by Cordite Tracker

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Written + Recorded by Matthew Austin
Mixed + Mastered by Angel Hair Audio,
Copyright 2019

Sync Me was born out of limitations, musically and technologically. Sync Me is named after a mistake, or rather a convenient outcome of the arcane programming capabilities of an Alesis SR-16 drum machine. Blank programs are named No Name by default, and while naming one Sync, the rest of the characters were left unchanged, thus the title Sync Me was born.

The basic tracks were created by hooking up separate outputs from the Alesis to separate Pocket Operator synthesizers, so that the tempo would be the same even if each synthesizer was triggered at a different time. Using a kick drum as a click track, a drum pattern may have a click every 4 beats going to one synth, but a different click may be hitting every 3rd beat and going to a different synth.

Each take was recorded live, with synth effects and drum machine adjustments made on the fly. From there each take was sliced up, re-arranged, and occasionally augmented with softsynths.

These 7 tracks may bring up memories of bleary VHS tapes of horror & sci fi movies of the past. "Mass Confusion" was inspired by images of the kidnapped children turned cannibals in Wes Craven's "The People Under the Stairs". "The Industrial State" was the state motto on the cars in David Fincher's "Seven". "Empty Tunnels" was based on Larry Underwood's horrific trip through the Lincoln Tunnel in Stephen King's "The Stand".


released April 19, 2019




Lord of Overstock Maryland

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